About - Mr. Clean Bins

About Mr Clean Bins

Do your recycle and trash bins disgust you?

Mr. Clean Bins, a locally owned trash bin cleaning service has the solution for you! Our one of a kind specialized trucks carry equipment that will deodorize, disinfect and clean your bins in an ecofriendly way using high pressure steam and hot water. Your bins will smell like new and will no longer be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria!

Fight Bacteria and Deodorize!

Mr. Clean Bins is the only garbage bin cleaning service in Jacksonville and Beaches Area offering a revolutionary cleaning process. Other cleaning services are not only environmentally unfriendly, they reuse dirty water that was previously used to clean bins. Our bin cleaning system kills about 99.9% of the bacteria currently living in your bins by heating the water to over 190 degrees. Providing the most environmentally safe, effective and sanitary trash bin cleaning system is our goal.

Environmentally Friendly

Our vehicles are totally self-contained and do not allow for used water or byproducts to be released into the storm drains. We bring our own water to the site and we leave with the used dirty water, which we dispose of in an environmentally safe way. Plus, we only use certified green cleaning agents.

Why Choose Mr. Clean Bins?

Corporate Responsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility to safeguard and contribute positively to the environment and communities within which we operate.

Our Principles

Everyone is responsible for their impact upon our environment. We believe in employee empowerment, the prevention of pollution and the compliance with relevant legislation and approved codes of practice. We will seek to ensure that all of our activities are operated safely and in compliance with our Health and Safety Policy.

Environmentally Friendly
  • Our system is effective and self-contained, allowing us to professionally clean your bins without disturbing you or your neighbors.
  • We recycle all water and comply with local and state water regulations.
  • Our natural solvents kill 99% of germs, fungi and virus.
  • We only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents when needed.
  • We wash hot and rinse cold.
  • Bins are washed with a biodegradable cleaner and then deodorized.